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  1. Hi Dave -

    Just read your closing comments in the last "Glamourpuss". Yeah, I'm one of those silent admirers. Sorry for not lending more vocal support till now, but I've never been one to write. And it never occurred to me that you might have been inventing letter writers because you didn't have many. You deserved better, I thought.

    Then I came on here and learned of the fire. As you must be feeling cursed, please know that I enjoyed "Glamourpuss" immensely (and "Cerebus" too, back in the day). The artwork was top notch (as always, but this was a joy to behold), I enjoyed the satire, and I was intrigued with the story of Raymond and Drake. I do hope you continue with it.

    And if you're wondering what sort of folks collect your work, I'm 63, I teach leadership and organization theory for the University Without Walls program at UMass-Amherst, and I collect wordless woodcut novels (Ward, Masereel, etc.), as well as anything by Sacco, Deitch, Friedman, Fleener, Kuper, Shanower and several other artist/creators who I'm sure don't receive nearly enough letters. Like yourself.

    I sincerely hope you catch a break soon, and get back to your work. You're one of the giants of independent comics, Dave Sim. Please don't ever think your work isn't admired and appreciated. It is.

    Good luck to you!

    Rick Hendra
    Oakham, MA, USA

  2. Hi Dave,
    I haven't actually read your work but I did just pick up and read your 2010 edition of The Cerebus Guide To Self Publishing. Thanks for the practical advice for wannabes such as myself.
    I do have a suggestion for future editions though, you refer to the people that do comic art on computers as computer technicians and I think computer technicians are actually the people who repair computers, so you should probably refer to them as something else in later editions.
    Anyways take care, thanks for the guide, it was funny and educational.
    Natasha Adams
    Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.